Great Feedback on PNSQC Keynote

Last month, I gave a keynote speech on stupid metrics tricks and how to avoid them at the PNSQC. You can check out the video on YouTube; it will be posted on our own YouTube channel shortly. Why give it a watch? Well, check out the great feedback from attendees:

"I loved the Red Bean experiment recreation!"  "The presentation provided many great illustrations of the challenges we face when using metrics and what can be done to address them." "Good talk." "This was a very relevant and useful topic.  I really enjoyed the exercise with audience members.  It was great seeing Rex Black in person.  Thank you!"  "Relevant content with great advice on how to avoid stupid metric"  "The material was great." "Good points, fun demo, relatable content."  "Interesting concepts and useful info." "Well knowledgeable speaker that injects humor to keep audience attention.  Thought provoking slides."  "Loved the presentation."  "The presentation was interesting with regard to discussing about metrics and the effects of implementing them." "Fun and informative!  Good audience participation."  "Excellent presentation, good thoughts...demo...was fun."  "I had heard about the red bead experiment but never seen it demonstrated. It was illuminating."  "Professional quality."  "Entertaining speaker!"  "Enjoyed his dry presentation style. Good mix of instruction, exhortation, stories and hands-on experimentation that gets the point across."  "Fun demo."  "Informative and entertaining talk. Very good topic for this conference."  "Really liked the bead demo and the clear analogy."  "Entertaining...brought to life some common myths and mistakes with metrics."  "The Deming's Red Bead Experiment was a fun example..."  "Rex is a a good speaker! He made great arguments for why metrics are useful as well as great examples of how metrics can be misused and miscommunicated."  "Good takeaways"  "Good pace - relevant"  "Great talk and demo!!!"  "Good to see the Deming experiment"

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.  Why not invest 90 minutes of your time? You'll leave a lot less likely to do stupid metrics tricks. Of course, if you need help setting up or improving your metrics program, let us know.

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